What is the most beneficial treatment a health practitioner can give you in order to improve your health?

Let’s start with some facts, as this particular treatment has been shown to do some amazing things!

Studies have found that people suffering with knee arthritis can use this treatment to reduce their rates of pain and disability by 47%. It can reduce your risks of Alzheimer’s and dementia by up to 50%. Along with other lifestyle interventions like diet, it can reduce your risk of developing diabetes by up to 58%.

Post-menopausal women who used this treatment for 4 hours a week, found that they reduced their risk of having a hip fracture by 41%. It can reduces anxiety by 48% and depression by up to 47% without the side effects of other treatment options. It lowers your risk of developing cancer, heart disease and Osteoporosis. It reduces general fatigue and has been shown to effectively improve individuals quality of life.

If you haven’t worked it out yet the answer is physical activity.
One study found that low fitness levels have the greatest impact on risk of mortality when compared to all other modifiable risk factor. This means that low fitness is one of the greatest predictors to the risk of death.

If a pharmaceutical company could bottle exercise up into a pill, it would give more benefits than any other medication in existence with far fewer possible side effects.

You don’t have to spend all day exercises or trying to train like an athlete. Most of the above benefits were achieved from as little as 30-60min walking a day.

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